Thursday, April 26, 2012


As soon as we arrived in Cebu, we got hungry.

We decided to try something really Cebuano, and what was suggested by my nephew is DONG JUAN. I found out it is his favorite burger!!!
I really don't know if it originated in Cebu or a franchise!

So since this is new to us, I'd like to share to you about this.

Here is a link from everything Cebu for some notes about Dong Juan.

From the airport, we chose the Crossroads branch in Banilad.

This is their restaurant. 
It was before 10 am... but I guess, they saw we were so many, so the restaurant was opened earlier!

Here is their menu...


We all had a round of their burger! Actually, that was what we were there for...

Because of its large size, we had to deal with it differently. 
Some, pressed the bun and ate it like a burger should be eaten! 
It was so juicy, so it was pressed so it wouldn't drip!
It was too juicy for me, so I ate it with the burger on top of half of the bun ... and used a knife!
One, ate it like a burger steak and separated the bun.

But Carlo, my nephew was the fastest to finish, because this is his favorite... and to think he is so picky.

I realized, he took out the vegetables.

But, Tin had Chicken drumsticks!
These were the drinks... ice tea in interesting container and their Dong Juan water.

So juicy, so yummy...
Well, we were so full!

These are their other outlets.
You may also visit our other branches in Guadalupe 256-1796, Persimmon Plus 266-JUAN, Crossroads 520 -8899, AS Fortuna 520-8879 and our latest in J-Centre.

Other things that caught my eye...

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