Friday, April 6, 2012


The reason why we discovered this Pasalubong is because of the "lavish" taste tests available throughout the King Power Duty Free Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

I don't know if this is a daily fare, or a free tasting special!
Well, it was quite effective because our group did buy so much Pasalubong there.

These are the coconut biscuits we mean:
Original Coconut Crispy Rolls

this is how the coconut crispy roll side looks in macro mode 
Coconut Crispy Rolls Cocoa Dip

the cocoa dip side 
the coconut roll side
Coconut Waffles with Fine Chocolate
In the box, they include a bit of Thai culture

We actually had a whole range of many other delicacies (which we tasted) and it is up to us to choose which type you like or the person you intend to give to.
Price range for a box: 100 gm  (3.05oz) (20 pcs.) (50 g x 2 packs) is about 160 to 200 Thai Baht.

In the end, it turned out bulky because of the beautiful boxes, so sometimes I wonder if this would be an easier give-away... the good old keychains!

Whatever the pasalubong would be, it is always the thought that counts!!!


  1. I'm not so fond of coconuts but those crispy rolls seriously made my mouth water!
    I agree, it's the thought that counts. But if you get that kind of pasalubong then you sure are lucky hahaha!

  2. yes, Anj... so lucky kasi it was so bulky if marami kang isipin bigyan...

  3. they look delicious and I love the keychains.. :)

  4. I love anything with coconuts. This must have tasted good!

  5. I need order chocolate coconut crispy rolls cocoa dip