Thursday, April 5, 2012


When my friend, Mich heard that I was going to Bangkok, she immediately requested me to bring home for her a bag of Sampaloc candy from Thailand.

So I was so curious how their Sampaloc candies would taste!

I really tried to look for this Sampaloc candies and of all the "exotic" places I'll find it, it was in 7-Eleven!!! How non-Thai!

By the way, they call it the Tamarind candies...

I really liked this one with just the right sweetness and a tinge of spiciness.
But, there are so many brands and so don't go around looking for one brand only!
This specific bag cost 36 Baht and the smaller packs cost 18 Baht in 7-Eleven. 

I thought I would find one in the Duty Free shop but no, there were no sampaloc candies there.

In MBK, I saw the generic ones, which cost 3 for 100 Baht. Since it was generic, I don't know the weight of the candies and these were not individually packed.
It was also good but more on the spicy side.

One other pasalubong, I saw was the spicy peanuts with sili leaves.

This takes getting used to because I had to place the sili leaves.
The others also liked it, but there were still lots of peanuts in the can.

Then, Doc Mackie came and said he really loved it and finished the rest of the peanuts. He must REALLY like it!!!

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