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Today is 75th Dia de Zamboanga.

Here is some historical data about Dia de Zamboanga, with an excerpt from this site:

The idea of self-reliance was the consciousness of that era – as Zamboanga was pushed into the frontlines of progress and development that paved the way for its conversion into a Charter City. As it continues to be a positive symbol towards the attainment of peace and prosperity for all.

In 1986, Julio Cesar F. Climaco, Officer-In-Charge of the Office of the City Mayor, this city, made history when he signed City Proclamation No. 1 (Series of 1986) declaring February 26, 1987 as the 50th Anniversary of the formal inauguration of the City of Zamboanga as a charter city. He proclaimed February 26th of every year as "Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga".

Climaco enjoined all sectors of the Zamboanga community to observe this annual historical event with appropriate festivities and activities to fit such an occasion.

So timely, I guess, I'll share about our lunch date at Alavar's Restaurant, the pride of Zamboanga City, with friends from Cavite.

I told Matti and Glo that we usually come here to Alavar's Restaurant to treat special visitors.

My friend was advised to really try the Alavar sauce, and so that was his request. However, he preferred Crab rather than Curacha because he says the Curacha has too many "compartments" and more difficult to eat.

Since we were only three, we decided on the large crab with Alavar sauce, Alavar grill bilao and the Tanguigue kilawin plus plain rice.

Large Crab (Alimango) with Alavar Sauce. 
The Alavar sauce in itself is already so yummy and can be placed in other seafoods such as Curacha, shrimps, prawns and even chicken, beef or pork. 
It can be bought separately as frozen sauce to be mixed with whatever when you are back home...a good idea for a "pasalubong" from Zamboanga!

see the Alavar sauce... accordingly the sauce has crab component, coconut milk and secret ingredients.

Alavar Grill Bilao.
A complete set by itself with grilled chicken, clams, squid. fish, eggplant and shrimps is good for groups.
There are other bilao sets, such as the Alavar Seafood Bilao with crabs included in the basket.

complete set in itself = = good for those on budget, you can have all in one basket.

it is as fresh as it gets...

Tanguigue Kilawin.
This is one of my favorite appetizers with the yummy Tanguigue (fish) and the green mango in vinegar.

We got the Zamboanga White shake for our drink. But unfortunately, I forgot to shoot this. It is seen as a white shake in a goblet and the main ingredient is Lychee and cream.

According to Trip Advisor reviews, Alavar's is the third of 26 restaurants in Zamboanga City, after Lantaka Hotel and Palmeras. 
Alavar's is located in Tetuan, Zamboanga City
The food is indeed fantastic as described, but I would like to agree with one of the reviews which said, the "service is laid back and the service could be more attentive".

I noticed many of our visitors tend to forget the time the food was served because they were all to happy with what they ate!

By the way, there is another Alavar's Restaurant at the Paseo Del Mar which you can check out, but this is more of the easy meals and barbecue chicken type of food as their usual fare rather than the "fine" dining type of specialty meal at the Tetuan main restaurant.

Also, there is an Alavar Seafood Grill and Restaurant in Manila.

Alavar Seafood Grill and Restaurant
39 Scout Ybardolaza Street Corner Timog Avenue Quezon City, Quezon City
Telephone nos.

Alavars de Cebu is also a branch of the Zamboanga Alavar's.

Salinas Drive, Lahug
Phone: 232-2451

And again, for visitors in Zamboanga, don't forget to bring back frozen Alavars sauce as pasalubong!!!

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