Thursday, January 31, 2013


Our last stop at the Zamboanga City Public Market was the food stall where we met a young woman by the name of Rowena Anuddin.

We were intrigued by the Muslim desserts she was selling because we saw her cook the desserts in front of our eyes, just in the stall across this! 
Most of her clients are Badjaos!

Incidentally, Rowena was teased by her daughter that by talking to us, she would now be in the internet! 

We first asked her about the violet balls which we thought were Ube balls. She called it the PUTLI MANDI.

The Putli Mandi is a flour ball with sweet coconut -sugar mix like "bucayo" in the center of the ball.

The components:
Flour mix: It is usually colored violet but can be any color.

Sweet coconut strips - sugar mixture like "bucayo"

She forms the violet flour mixture into balls and boils them.

The flour balls. They say the word Putli mandi speaks of the bathing girl according to legend.

Then the flour balls are wrapped with shredded coconut. 

The end product:

Interesting, right?
If I didn't forget the price, I think it was three for P12.00.

We tried it out and we like it!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Actually, during our Travel Reportage seminar, we were asked to make a story in our mind and express it in pictures...
By looking at these pictures, can you imagine what I want to share about the Food Hawkers at the Zamboanga City Public Market?

Thanks, Michelle L. for the photo of this guy making coffee.. they say NITIB (Native) Coffee !
There are real people in the ZC Public Market and I was so happy to meet them and thankful that they were very nice to us!