Saturday, March 17, 2012


We were already "burdened" as we carried our pasalubongs. I thought I wouldn't need to get Café Mary Grace's pastries anymore.

But, my friend decided that she wanted to buy some and give it to us as pasalubong, too! She really loves these cheese rolls, too.

This is a message from Mary Grace... see the lovely smile!

I found out that this is Mary Grace's story.
While waiting for our orders, I couldn't help but notice the "family things" like this happy family collage.

And this is a nice "TEN RULES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE" frame.
Here is the restaurant side of Mary Grace!

This is the "pasalubong" box.
Here are the famous "cheese rolls" which are soft to the bite.

They also have strawberry shortcakes, but with a nice real and fresh strawberry accents!

This is the pasalubong box
And the Cheese Rolls... once heated, the cheese becomes so melted..

And I just had to show you how it looks in the inside!
These are really delicious!

Try these yourselves!!!

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