Thursday, April 26, 2012


As soon as we arrived in Cebu, we got hungry.

We decided to try something really Cebuano, and what was suggested by my nephew is DONG JUAN. I found out it is his favorite burger!!!
I really don't know if it originated in Cebu or a franchise!

So since this is new to us, I'd like to share to you about this.

Here is a link from everything Cebu for some notes about Dong Juan.

From the airport, we chose the Crossroads branch in Banilad.

This is their restaurant. 
It was before 10 am... but I guess, they saw we were so many, so the restaurant was opened earlier!

Here is their menu...


We all had a round of their burger! Actually, that was what we were there for...

Because of its large size, we had to deal with it differently. 
Some, pressed the bun and ate it like a burger should be eaten! 
It was so juicy, so it was pressed so it wouldn't drip!
It was too juicy for me, so I ate it with the burger on top of half of the bun ... and used a knife!
One, ate it like a burger steak and separated the bun.

But Carlo, my nephew was the fastest to finish, because this is his favorite... and to think he is so picky.

I realized, he took out the vegetables.

But, Tin had Chicken drumsticks!
These were the drinks... ice tea in interesting container and their Dong Juan water.

So juicy, so yummy...
Well, we were so full!

These are their other outlets.
You may also visit our other branches in Guadalupe 256-1796, Persimmon Plus 266-JUAN, Crossroads 520 -8899, AS Fortuna 520-8879 and our latest in J-Centre.

Other things that caught my eye...

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Well, I was a bit away from the plate and i just blurted, "What is that? Sampaloc?"
Well everyone laughed at me, and infact, pitied me!!! 

Of course, it had a different color even if it had similar shape.

I told them, the only camanchile I know is Camanchile Street in Zamboanga City!!!
They all laughed.
I guess this may be more common in Luzon, but I never encountered this in Cebu or Zamboanga City!

And to think, I first saw and ate it in Bangkok!!!

So I just got some data from the net to share about it.

Definition of Kamachiles

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  1. n. In Guam and the Philippines, Pithecolobium dulce, a Mexican tree introduced into those islands for the sake of its edible pods and of its bark, which yields 25 per cent. of tannin. Also camanchile. See guamuchil.
Camanchile, Pithecolobium dulce Benth. (Leguminosæ), a native
of tropical America; introduced into the 
Philippines by the Spaniards
probably in the first century of 
Spanish occupation; now thoroughly
naturalized and widely distributed in the 

In Mexico is is known as Guamuchil. Yes you can eat the fruits just fresh or roasted. If you are from Philippines the fruit looks a bit like tamarind but has a curved or twisted shape, white pink color. Pod contains several seeds. There is a sub variety which is bitter but still edible.

Well, I wasn't wrong that it is shaped like a tamarind!
Funny, that this is not primarily Asian but rather Central and Southern American in origin.

I like it and it tastes healthy!!!
Thanks to the friendly folks in Fai Sor Kam at the fourth floor in Paragon, Bangkok who offered it to us!


Here is another "unhealthy" but yummy eat!

I don't know where in the city to buy the MatMat Chicharon from Carcar, Cebu.

But in the airport, I was able to get the Zubuchon Chicharon, which was the well displayed one and even cheaper than the Carcar chicharons in the other shelf.

Zubuchon also sells frozen Cebu lechon at the airport. Didn't try to buy this yet!

Of course, don't forget there are so many other well known ones like R.F. Villalonga (is it still available?), Chilens and Chicharritos!

I don't dare compare each and every chicharon... I guess this indeed would be the most unhealthy decision of all!


Family from Cebu came over and brought over some chicharon.

They suggested to buy Tapa and Chicharon from Carcar, Cebu and one of the specific brand of Chicharon they like is Mat Mat Chicharon.
They really bought it in Carcar because they had a roadtrip from Cebu City to Zamboanga City.

They also said even in Tabo-an, Cebu where the "danggit" are sold, there are also Chicharon from Carcar sold there which are also delicious, although, with a different brand name.

Note: all of these are against Hypertension, with the salt and the fat!

In the airport, the Carcar Chicharon is even more expensive than the Zubuchon!!!

Wouldn't want to influence you into eating these... obviously, so delicious but so unhealthy! So it is up to you..... 

Friday, April 6, 2012


The reason why we discovered this Pasalubong is because of the "lavish" taste tests available throughout the King Power Duty Free Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

I don't know if this is a daily fare, or a free tasting special!
Well, it was quite effective because our group did buy so much Pasalubong there.

These are the coconut biscuits we mean:
Original Coconut Crispy Rolls

this is how the coconut crispy roll side looks in macro mode 
Coconut Crispy Rolls Cocoa Dip

the cocoa dip side 
the coconut roll side
Coconut Waffles with Fine Chocolate
In the box, they include a bit of Thai culture

We actually had a whole range of many other delicacies (which we tasted) and it is up to us to choose which type you like or the person you intend to give to.
Price range for a box: 100 gm  (3.05oz) (20 pcs.) (50 g x 2 packs) is about 160 to 200 Thai Baht.

In the end, it turned out bulky because of the beautiful boxes, so sometimes I wonder if this would be an easier give-away... the good old keychains!

Whatever the pasalubong would be, it is always the thought that counts!!!