Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When we went to Buffet 101, I remember a year ago that this is the exact place where we sat to watch the MOA fireworks for the Pyrotechnic was sooooo different then.

The place is now very modern.

This is located perpendicular to Microtel at  Seaside Drive, within the Mall of Asia Complex and was opened last November 29, 2011.

BUFFET 101 now looks like this.
Just outside the main door, we see this.
The lady outside (beside this sign) had a "map" of the restaurant and the staff would lead us where to go, while the lady placed "push pins" at the map referring to the table where we were brought to.
As we enter, I am impressed with the beauty and class of the place... a far cry from the small seafood restaurants by the seaside.

We find our place in this huge restaurant with international cuisine. 
Isn't the place lovely... so five star in ambience!

There are so many choices, so you can imagine me shooting first before eating. I became full from the plenty choices.

Main Buffet Island.

More from the Main Buffet Island including Filipino food and... pizza!

Steaks and Grill Corner.

Japanese Buffet with tempura, sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, katsudon and teppanyaki.

Chinese buffet.

Honey Spareribs

Noodle soup components... you can choose your ingredients for the Mami!

Dimsum  = = siomai and dumplings

Still in the Chinese Buffet.
Live Suahe

Then the live suahe is steamed

Fresh fish, shrimps, prawns, fish and lobsters can be cooked per request as part of the Buffet.

Dessert Island with special  desserts, mousse, cakes, ice creams and crepes before your eyes.

Chocolate fountain with fresh fruits!

Crepes made before your eyes.

the strawberry filling!

ready for Madame...
Ice cream with toppings.

Sodas and soft drinks.

And a separate bar for fresh fruit juices and shakes. I loved the watermelon shake... refreshing!

The restaurant was almost full this lunchtime.
Most people who came there were large families, group of friends, a whole large group of Medical students, people who work together and I even saw them hold the informal lunch meeting there.

Senator Alan Cayetano also ate lunch there and many requested for the photo opportunity.

I guess he was looking at my camera.

It was an amazing buffet with lots of International cuisine to choose from. It is impossible if you couldn't find what you would like!

It would be good if you had all the time in the world, so you could taste the different selections with pacing.

Come and try this place out!


  1. Wow, now that's a real grand buffet! I'm actually looking for restaurants in Manila since we might visit soon. Thanks for this post. I'd probably consider Buffet 101. :)

  2. Wow! That looks nice. I think you really had a good time. And all of their foods looks delicious and mouth watering especially the Honey Spareribs. :)
    Anyway, you should also try visiting the hotel buffet in Manila. You'll taste the wonderful flavors of the world, one scrumptious platter at a time. I'm sure you'll
    love it too.