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Just before leaving for Manila, I met a friend who said how excited she was to stay at Dusit Thani because it was so close to Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta 4, Makati City... and how juicy the steaks were! Somehow, it entered our minds to try it out, of course!!!

So while in Makati, we, indeed, decided to try out the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. As in the name, it must be Australian somehow, and indeed when we stepped in, everything was Aussie.
I just found out from Wikipedia, that Outback Steakhouse is part of international food chain.

Outback Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida with over 1200 locations in 22 countries throughout North and South AmericaEuropeAsia, and Australia. It was founded in February 1988 in Tampa by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper and Tim Gannon, and is now owned and operated in the United States by OSI Restaurant Partners, and by other franchise and venture agreements internationally.
In 1997, Outback entered the South Korean market through the franchise agreement with Aussie Chung Inc. Currently, there are 101 Outback Steakhouse locations throughout South Korea. On June 14, 2007, OSI Restaurant Partners completed a stock repurchase plan, and the company is now privately held.
Canadian Outback restaurants began in 1996. In March 2009 Outback Steakhouse Canada abruptly closed all nine locations in the province of Ontario, citing poor economic conditions. In June 2009, an Outback restaurant reopened in Niagara Falls. Three Outback locations continue to operate in EdmontonAlberta.
Here is how it is described in (
The theme is Down Under, with boomerangs, kangaroos and koalas as the pervading motif. Steaks are the main fare, complemented by chicken and some seafood. Do not, however, expect any kangaroo steak--it is all beef (Australian, naturally). The atmosphere is casual with a touch of contemporary sophistication (not exactly one's usual image of the Australian outback). Hearty meat eaters and beer drinkers will feel very much at home here. The bar also stocks wines and spirits.

So, here is how Outback Steakhouse in Makati looks like.

As soon as we sat down and settled ourselves, Paolo, one of their staff was very gracious and gave us the trademark Bread and Butter as starters.

Now, we are now deciding on our menu...mmm...bit pricey for us "provincials", but of course, we were in an "authentic" steakhouse... what should we expect!

We decided on the Baby Back Ribs and the No Rules Pasta, with white sauce. 
Why? I thought we were there for the Steak... it was too heavy for a late night dinner, etc... in other words, it was too expensive!

Paolo advised that this would be enough for us. He was so gracious to even allow us to open our own water bottles and soda if we wanted... imagine, that for service!... Impressed!

Here we are...

Note our very little plate of Rice Pilaf
The Baby Back Ribs was indeed sooooo "fall of the bone" and tasty and the No Rules Pasta, with a tinge of hot and spicy! Yummy indeed!
Rice Pilaf is just considered as a side dish here, but we ordered one "to complete the meal"! 

We had a great... and heavy meal!

An interesting thing caught my eye... look at how they named the restrooms.
as in SHE... for ladies
and HE... for the Blokes as the Aussies say
We are about to leave...

There is a bar downstairs, by the way!

THUMBS UP to Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta 4, Makati City!!!


Outback Steakhouse, Makati City
Ground Level, Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, Makati City 1224
Cuisine: Contemporary, Steak & Barbecue
Contact: +63 2 729 8458

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