Sunday, February 26, 2012


Gong Cha Milk Tea in Wanchai.
Shop 4, G/F, Southom Centre, 150 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

This is the first Milk Tea I tasted and I liked it!

We have a small version of this in Zamboanga City, but quite different from the one I tasted in Hong Kong.

This is in one of the stalls beside the entrance to the Wan Chai MTR and close to the Wan Chai Computer Center.

My friends decided to buy milk tea as we were going around Wan Chai. I think they wanted to compare it to the one in Manila.

Here is a bit about HongKong style milk tea from Wikipedia:
Hong Kong-style milk tea is a beverage originating from Hong Kong consisting of black tea with evaporated milk or condensed milk. It is usually part of lunch inHong Kong tea culture. Although originating from Hong Kong, it is also frequently found overseas in restaurants serving Hong Kong cuisine and Hong Kong-style western cuisine. In the show Top Eat 100 aired on 4 February 2012, Hong Kong-style milk tea is ranked number 4 in Hong Kong cuisines and Hong Kongersconsume a total of 900 million glasses/cups a year.

Criteria for quality milk tea

The first criterion of a good cup of milk tea is its "smoothness" (香滑); in other words, how creamy and full-bodied it is.
Another criterion for tasty milk tea (and also bubble tea) is some white frothy residue inside the lip of the cup after some of it has been drunk. This white froth means that the concentration of butterfat in the evaporated milk used is high enough.
The taste and texture of 'Hong Kong' style milk tea might be influenced by the milk used. For example, some Hong Kong cafés prefer using a filled milk variant, meaning it is not purely evaporated milk (as with most retail brands) but a combination of skimmed milk and soybean oil.
just a small stall for takeaway, as they call take-out counters
pricelist of the choices

a kid getting his milk tea

Gong Cha Milk Tea

My first milk tea

I heard in Manila that there are now several HongKong style milk teas available!

And I also found that Gong Cha Milk Tea has found their way to Manila!

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