Sunday, April 8, 2012


Family from Cebu came over and brought over some chicharon.

They suggested to buy Tapa and Chicharon from Carcar, Cebu and one of the specific brand of Chicharon they like is Mat Mat Chicharon.
They really bought it in Carcar because they had a roadtrip from Cebu City to Zamboanga City.

They also said even in Tabo-an, Cebu where the "danggit" are sold, there are also Chicharon from Carcar sold there which are also delicious, although, with a different brand name.

Note: all of these are against Hypertension, with the salt and the fat!

In the airport, the Carcar Chicharon is even more expensive than the Zubuchon!!!

Wouldn't want to influence you into eating these... obviously, so delicious but so unhealthy! So it is up to you..... 

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