Friday, March 23, 2012


Here is another unique salad that is great for health and wellness!

This was also suggested by Doc Maya and this was specially prepared fresh from the gardens of Silsillah in Sinunuc, Zamboanga City.

Isn't this interesting? We thought the salad would be lettuce leaves and the like!

What a surprise, that these are really leaves (as in tree leaves) and flowers!!! 
I didn't get to know the names of the leaves from herbs, shrubs and trees nor of the yellow flowers... 

They said the pink flower was the "katuray".
Have you heard of the "katuray"? 
So I had to find out if this was just a vernacular term and this is what I grabbed! (to my surprise again!!!)

Katuray are the flowers of a small tree with light foliage (sesbania grandiflora) that thrives in arid and tough conditions, the often rather bitter tasting flowers (petals mostly) are a classic ingredient in Ilocano cooking. Along with ampalaya (bitter gourd) and other vegetables, they seem to mirror the tough conditions wrought by the geographical realities in the Ilocos region. I suspect many hundreds of years ago someone thought to cook katurai flowers for lack of better food alternatives… The tree is apparently native to this part of the world, some suggesting Indonesia as the epicenter of the species, and its flowers are enjoyed as food in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. I have seen two colors of katuray in the markets, this pale greenish white and a more burgundy colored hue.

Doc Maya and Juvee placed the special salad dressing on each pack.

The pack cost P50.00 but these leaves are really compactly placed.
In fact I had to eat two times... first, to get used to the idea, then second to finish it including the flowers, but it was really heavy!

Charmee suggested to mix some tuna to the salad, if it is so difficult for you to eat leaves and flowers only.
can you see the leaves are really leaves
from herbs, shrubs and trees!!!

My other friend didn't dare try out the flowers!

Isn't this so appropriate for the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness opening! The Breast Cancer Survivor group second the motion!!!

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