Saturday, March 17, 2012


It is my first time in Serendra in Fort Bonifacio!
My friend strongly suggested that we bring home pastries from Conti's Pastry Shop as our pasalubong back home.

It is the first time I have heard of the place and she guaranteed that the pastries here are really good.

We are welcomed by a heart-shaped rose wreath as we entered the store.
Since it is still Valentine's Day season, we still see lots of hearts here.
The lady in Conti's is so gracious and smiling!

My friend suggested these puffs and pies as the specialty of Conti's.

They also have cakes such as this Mango Bravo.

I chose the assorted pies...

They come in different shapes.

Chicken Pie has the form of the empanada.

Ham Pie is more squarish in shape.

Cheese Puff has a triangular shape.

This is the Tuna Pie, with the tail and looks like a fish, too.

Here are some of the bread loaves like the Raisin Swirls, Cinnamon Swirls and Cheese Swirls.

Why don't you try out this place, too!!!
These are their other outlets.

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