Friday, March 23, 2012


What's a Panini?

This is what I gathered from Wikipedia:

Panini are small, filled, bread rolls, which are sometimes toasted. They are Italian in origin, but now found in other countries.
In Italy, panino (Italian pronunciation: [paˈniːno]) is the word for a sandwich made with a bread roll. Sandwiches there are customarily made from a roll or loaf of bread, typically a ciabatta or a rosetta. The loaf is cut horizontally and filled with salami, ham, cheese, mortadella, or other food, and sometimes served warm after having been pressed by a warming grill. A toasted sandwich made from sliced bread is not called 'panino' but 'toast' by Italians, and is usually filled with prosciutto and a few slices ofcheese, grilled in a sandwich press. A popular version of panino in Central Italy is filled with porchetta, i.e. slices of pork roasted with garlic, salt, rosemary, and sage.

In the USA, UK and Canada, the term "panini" refers to any pressed and toasted sandwich ('toastie'); there is widespread availability and use of sandwich presses, often known as "panini presses" or "toasted sandwich makers".

This questioned entered our minds when my friend, Doc Maya kept on prodding us to try the Vegetable Panini from Wichcraft at La Tienda! Helth buff that she is, she wanted us to try out other kinds of sandwiches and salads! 

So we asked a friend to buy us the Panini! To our surprise, he bought the Parm Cheese Panini
So we realized that there were different kinds of Panini!

We tried out the Parm Cheese Panini.
Some liked the Parm Cheese Panini (which cost P90.00) and others didn't exactly understand the taste, since there was ham, cheese, parmesan cheese, mustard and was it an apple slice or a zucchini?
Therefore, the panini is that interesting!
We kidded those who didn't like it that they just didn't have the class of people who appreciated these kinds of special food... "hindi sosyal!"

So we again bought the Allovegetable Pesto Panini (as it was written in the receipt) and it cost P70.00. 

See the cucumber, onions, tomatoes and others...
.I liked the taste of this Panini to my surprise and even my 15 year old boy appreciated its taste! The panini comes with the pesto which adds more flavor to the flavorful veggie sandwich!!

I accordance with our trend to health and wellness, we served the Vegetable Panini during the launching of the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center.
our very pink room at the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga
Breast Wellness Center

Try this one out at Wichcraft at La Tienda!!!

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