Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Remember the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree in Hong Kong in http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com/?
I really love Ferrero Rocher chocolates... and my friend, Nora knows this! She never fails to bring home Ferrero Rocher chocolates for us!!!

But this time, she brought a unique box for me! With newer flavors which I would want to share with you...

These are the flavors:

When opened...

When halved...

Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

Just want to share some facts about Ferrero Rocher.
From Wikipedia:

Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA. Introduced in 1982, the chocolates consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.[1] The sweets each contain 73 calories, and are individually packaged inside a gold-coloured wrapper. Rochero comes from French and means "rock".[2]

Ferrero Rocher varieties:
A range of Ferrero chocolates benefit from the advertising of the Rocher type. These different chocolates are sold separately, and also as boxed collections of mixed types.
  • Ferrero Rocher – a whole hazelnut, coated in milk chocolate, surrounded by a hazelnut filling, and encased in a nut croquante.
  • Ferrero Rondnoir – a 'pearl' of dark chocolate, surrounded by a dark chocolate cream (with an almond center since the new recipe was released), encased in a croquante and encrusted with dark chocolate Sprinkles.
  • Ferrero Raffaello – a half almond, surrounded by meringue and milk cream, encased in coconut wafer coated with coconut flakes.
  • Ferrero Garden (Coconut) – a half almond, surrounded by coconut cream, encased in wafer coated with coconut flakes, and topped with white chocolate icing cap.
  • Ferrero Garden (Lemon) – as above, but with lemon cream centre and flavouring, and lemon icing cap.
  • Ferrero Garden (Forest Fruits) – as above, but with strawberry & raspberry cream centre and flavouring, and strawberry icing cap.
  • Ferrero Garden (Pistachio)[3] – as above, but with pistachio cream centre and flavouring, and pistachio icing cap.
  • Ferrero Garden (Almond) – as above, but with almond cream centre and flavouring, and almond icing cap.
  • Ferrero Garden (Hazelnut) – as above, but with nutella-type centre, and a white chocolate icing cap.
  • Ferrero Giotto – a chocolate cream centre, within a wafer sphere coated with hazelnut pieces.
The Rocher always bears a golden coloured wrapper, the Rondnoir a dark brown wrapper, and the Garden a silver wrapper with an illustration of the flavour under the name tag—for example, a strawberry, or a coconut. An exception is the Pistachio-flavoured one, which comes in a metallic Pistachio green wrapper.

Interesting, right?!?


  1. Waaaah I want to try those new flavors too! I love dark and white chocolates. Actually, I like all kinds of chocolate. Very interested in the coconut chocolate flavor. Will look for it sa grocery. I hope I can find one :D

  2. the one who gave me came from the US. Don't know if we can find it here...