Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The first time I saw large slabs of chocolate was in Hong Kong... and, now here in (one of) the chocolate capitals of the world, Switzerland.

Although, our Swiss trip was too short and we said we wouldn't buy chocolates anymore, but Ate Evelyn still brought us to the store at the Train Station and of course, we couldn't help but do so!

Wouldn't your eyes just pop out ... and salivate at these!!!

Well, Ate Evelyn really gave us these chocolates to complete our Swiss experience and gave us take home gifts, too.

Here is a close-up of the "slabs" of chocolates as I call it! But I found out these are called Fresh Chocolates.

FRESH CHOCOLATE: It's all down to the freshness. The original Läderach chocolate captivates with its uniqueness and fills all lovers of authentic quality chocolate with enthusiasm. The great choice of over 30 hand-created sorts invites you to try out new, true, taste experiences and delights a growing number of fans.
Fresh chocolate simply tastes better! See for yourself! A large selection is available in our Merkur shops or directly from our boutique shop in Glarus. 
By the way, I missed the name of this Chocolate store but it was located at the Train station In Zurich.

Anyway, I saw the mark Läderach stamped on the Fresh Chocolate so I googled about it. Here is what I found out from their website...

PURE DELIGHT IN QUALITY has defined the philosophy of «Läderach – chocolatier suisse» since the family-owned business was first founded by Rudolf Läderach in 1962. In a bid to simplify the chocolate-maker’s craft for his fellow confectioners the passionate chocolatier Rudolf Läderach invented the hollow truffle shell. This semi-finished product vastly improved the quality of truffles and simplified the manufacturing process, much to the delight of his colleagues in the trade. The foundation stone to a success story had thus been laid.     
Surrounded by the mighty Glarner Alps stands an impressive factory,
with over 240 employees, creating authentic Swiss confectionery specialities.

Jürg Läderach, the founder’s son, now heads the independent business in its second generation, producing a wide range of pralines, truffles, petite pastries, confectionery and seasonal specialities as well as semi-finished
convenience products for a discerning clientele.

Well, I guess our brief Swiss sojourn was indeed complete... THANKS A LOT TO EVELYN AND NELSON NOBLES for their grand hospitality!!!

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