Monday, July 2, 2012


I saw this in Eastwood and I was really amazed by the great idea - - the fruit bouquet by FruiQuet.

So I requested the gracious lady that I take some pictures and I was surprised that she was so open to us and welcomed us in!!! 
In other countries, they usually just wave and say "Cannot be!"

This is a little store in Eastwood but caught my attention because of the lighted stand just outside their glass door... and again to add, the lady inside was really smiling!

This is a really great gift idea.

This is the first time I saw cute and charming bouquets like these!

I gathered this from their website...

FruiQuet™, short for “fruit bouquet,” is a concept borne out of a passion to offer Filipinos here, and even those abroad, a unique alternative to the usual gifts sent to loved ones or given to close family members and friends.
Who can go wrong with giving fruits as gifts, considering their numerous health benefits? They are colorful, delicious, and nourishing—guaranteed to please both young and old.
FruiQuet™ is the first of its kind in the Philippines! Owned by Alan Supnet (a graduate of the University of the Philippines’ College of Business Administration, a CPA, and former telecom Marketing executive) and his wife Noeme Diaz-Supnet (a Management Economics graduate of Ateneo de Manila and a former banker and money market broker), the company’s vision is to make the concept of fruit bouquet arrangement flourish in the country and help make loved ones—our moms, dads, our best friends, teachers, big bosses, or helpful co-workers, a crush, or even the person we have recently hurt—feel extra special with a nicely designed and a carefully prepared FruiQuet™!  For sure there are thousands of occasions one can create and celebrate with a FruiQuet™!
With its owners formally trained at Veggy Art in Chantilly, Virginia, USA through the help of Veggy Art proprietor/head instructor and popular Food Network Channel personality, Chef James Parker, FruiQuet™ commits to utmost excellence in providing topnotch customer service and offering the freshest fruit bouquet arrangements and best array of products to its client base.

Why not try these out!!!

P.S. Again, this just caught my eyes, but don't know them personally...
      And, not paid for this!!!

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