Monday, December 17, 2012


What does an Orange Kist mean to you?

Orange Kist isn't a beverage or a pie! 

It is a sugar coated jelly candy (like a gummy bear) with the form of an orange segment or orange carpel!

Actually, the original Orange Kist was packed in about three carpels/segments per pack. If I remember it right, it cost about five or ten centavos in the late 60s and early 70s (that long ago!!!)!

Since my Dad said it taste good, I used to buy a small pack to give to my Dad every time he fetched me from school and I was still Prep or Grade 1 then!

So the Orange Kist jelly was my daily gift to my beloved Dad. In retrospect, I am wondering, "Did he really love the Orange Kist?" ... or ...  "Was he just happy that I gave him a gift everyday?"

I never really asked him. All I know is I love my Dad (Daddy's girl!.. since I am an only girl with 5 brothers!) and I was just so very happy to please him everyday!!!

The last time I saw the Orange Kist jelly at the Barter Trade, I bought a pack and remembered that this candy is still as yummy as before! 


  1. I love this candy, until now :D

  2. Oh this is a throwback to childhood! LOL Loved this candy, too. I don't see them around anymore?

  3. I usually buy these candies at the barter trades at Canelar.

  4. I remember loving these as a kid! your story about you and your dad is so cute!