Friday, August 31, 2012


We received a gift from a colleague for Hariraya Puasa which I would like to share with you.

And here is the gift. It is a set of Muslim delicacies - the lokot-lokot, the baulu and the black sweet, which I have not been introduced to.

Lokot-lokot. Lokot usually means rolled in my Visayan dialect. And the unique look of this Lokot- lokot has the appearance of fried vermicelli or bihon.
From this site: Taluksangay Muslim Delicacies in Facebook, I read more about the lokot-lokot.
Making locot-locot requires a lot of time and hard work. First the grains of rice have to be pounded into flour. Then the correct proportions of water and sugar are added to create a gooey mixture which is poured into a container made of coconut shell with regular small holes at the bottom, all the while it is poised above a frying pan filled with hot oil. As it turns golden brown it is deftly and expertly folded and shaped in the pan with a couple of wooden spoons to create the desired look. Watching a cook do the locot-locot is like watching an artist in motion.

Baulu. They say the baulu is a Malay traditional mini sponge cake usually baked during the Hariraya season. 

I don't know the name of this black delicacy. someone told me this is "black gulaman" but I am not sure if she was right. Can anybody help me?

I enjoyed these delicacies.

It is good the Lokot-lokot has found its place as one of Zamboanga City's pasalubong.

I see Baulu only during the Hariraya season. It would be good to see this more.

Thanks for this gift!

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